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About Me

Sports Massages Made Affordable

My name is Kevin Yessick and I am a licensed sports massage therapist in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My interest in therapeutic massage therapy began at a young age as I saw my Dad go to the hospital every few months due to pinched nerves caused by bulging disks in his lower back. This caused him excruciating pain and I always thought to myself, is there an alternative way to relieve or get rid of the pain my Dad was going through. Turns out there was an alternative way to relive his back pain instead of him going to the hospital every few months to get injections. We had a family friend who was a medical doctor come over when my Dad was about to have to go to the hospital again. He would do some trigger point work on my Dad’s back. I noticed the trigger point work helped my Dad’s back from getting worse and improved his quality of life. He no longer had to receive a ton of injections nor take a ton of medications. I too also wanted to help my Dad and others having similar pain.
I wasted no time and began to attend massage therapy school at Massaged Life and Wellness Academy. I had an amazing instructor who taught me many different aspects of massage therapy and through learning and trying to help as many people as possible, I can honestly and proudly say I am dedicated to massage therapy. As your massage therapist, I will improve your range of motion for everyday movements, help prevent injuries, as well as help relieve pain. My atmosphere is not your typical “spa” and I honor that! It is not a romantic candlelit, soft elevator music, and hot stones atmosphere. Rather, I focus on healing my clients with the power of bodywork. During a session with me, I do not only stick to one style of massage. Rather, I use a combination of multiple to really address the problem, relax the problem, and massage it. Currently, my areas of practice include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Cupping (Magnetic and Silicone), Lymphatic, Sports, and Medical.

I am conveniently located within APTOR Physical Therapy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with the amazing Dr. John Cormier and Mrs. Cathy Cormier.