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Holiday Discount Special! Buy One Get One Half Off!

Sports Massages Made Affordable

Holiday Discount Special! Buy One Get One Half Off!

Gift yourself or someone you know a $75 hour long massage and get another hour long massage for only $37.50!! You can’t beat this deal! This offer will only be for a LIMITED time so make sure you grab it while you can. Happy Holidays!

If you have never experienced a massage with us, or a sports massage in general, here is what you can expect:
-We will target and treat any pain you’re currently having.
-We will make sure your muscles are pulling the correct way to make sure you have good posture and total body form.
-We will bring up underlining pain that if not treated NOW will come up later in life.
-We will then treat that underlining pain we brought up in the last session.
-We will release tension on your muscles which will release stress.
-We will remove any deep muscle knots you’re experiencing.
-We will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and communicate with you during the whole sports massage.

Attire to wear to our sports massage:
-Athletic gear like 👇🏼
-Tank top
-Sports Bra
-Compression socks

During our massages we ask the client to keep their clothes on but that the more skin available with the clients clothes on, the better access we have to the full length of the muscle and the better results you will get. If you have any question about anything relating to Healthy4LifeMassage and what a sports massage exactly is or, about our LIMITED Holiday Sale feel free to message us! Can’t wait to see YOU soon for YOUR massage!!

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